Welcome to RCinAUS.com

Welcome to RCinAUS

We are from a long flying background and have been supplying aircraft and equipment for the last few years to students and pilots from RCFlightTraining. This has given us the opportunity to import and test many products from overseas.

Our flying is very concentrated with us us often being airborne for 6 hours a day or more. Because of this we have been careful in testing out all products we are looking at selling. Yes along the way we have had some very bad experiences with some cheap products such as servos (throttle) catching fire in the air, on/off switches failing intermittently (soldering so bad the switch cover barely fitted). Li-po batteries expanding after only a few flights and more.

We are proud to select what we use.

Stock – We don’t display what our stock holding because we are tired of purchasing from sites that show in stock and waiting for months for the goods to arrive. What we have done is we carry a limited stock of most items shown and displayed on our web site. If we don’t carry the product directly in stock its available to us with in one working day. All propellers, engines, motors, batteries, switches, cables etc are directly stocked by us.

Overseas Items – Yes we are upfront in saying we don’t stock all items. Those items from overseas are clearly marked as available in 2-3 weeks. This appears in each and every item that is either not stocked or available to us within one working day.

Postage – If you are only purchasing a very small item then the online postage systems don’t allow anything other than Parcel rates. We will mail out small items and refund the difference if this is the case.

Happy shopping and we look forward to helping you.

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